Alec Lambert was born in Rochester, NY and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he is a fixture in the underground experimental music and performance scenes.

Alec, first influenced by music merchandise and album liner design, began designing over 20 years ago, starting with show posters and flyers.

Pursuing a BFA in Film Directing from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he parlayed a lifelong interest in shock and horror cinema into short films, culminating with
I’m Keeping My Baby!, a dark parable with an original soundtrack by Xiu Xiu. Alec has been a part of many film projects, including appearing in Brendan Steere’s pulp hit The Velocipastor and scoring Max Rosen’s award-winning short film Thread. Alec also provided original soundtracks to the popular visual novels We Know the Devil and Heaven Will Be Mine, as well as helming the album’s vinyl release design. His commercial clients for original scores include DKNY, The Getty Museum, Film 14, and Adult Swim.

Alec performs solo under the name
Grooming, as well as being the frontman and lyricist of vampire-cowboy rock group White Rope.

Alec’s design sense trafficks in extremes and totality. Informed equally by the gritty underground and high fashion, his work is never without a dash of dark humor. Alec’s use of type, color, and imagery craft branding that is intentional and visionary, like the oeuvre of your favorite cult director.